Berth 8 Conveyor

The Glencore Berth 8 Outloading Infrastructure Upgrade was an upgrade of an aging berth to a modern facility with new infrastructure. Construction to Completion was over a twelve month period from July 2013 to July 2014 at the Port of Operations, Townsville. Its primary purpose was to provide additional means for both glencore and Incitec Pivot to outload product from their respective storage sheds. This was required due to Berth 7 being condemned and a future upgrade to demolish it, whilst allowing outloading facilities to continue without delay. 

ICS Electrical Contractors was responsible for the installation and commissioning of all of the electrical cabling and devices. Their efforts were rewarded when they took out the 2014 Master Electricians Australia National Excellence Award. 

The Berth 8 Infrastructure Upgrade included the erection of two new transfer towers as well as modifying an existing transfer tower to allow a seamless transition once operations were switched from the aging Berth 7 infrastructure to the new Berth 8 infrastructure. Two conveyors running between the transfer towers were also constructed, one over water inside a large enclosed metal tunnel connecting to the existing transfer tower. The other a long conveyor with shutters along its length to reduce the amount of metal dust in the air during outloading to comply with emissions targets.

With the construction of a new MCC at Berth 8 to power the installation, ICS Electrical Contractors was responsible for the installation of all the electrical equipment . This consisted of and not limited to,

  1. Over 1 km of Cable tray installed.
  2. Over 20 km of power and data cabling installed.
  3. Installation of electrical analog measuring devices within the transfer towers and along the conveyor belts to provide information on levels and limits.
  4. Earthing for all metal infrastructure.
  5. Labeling for all cables and electrical devices.
  6. High Voltage power to the MCC from an existing substation.
  7. Quality assurance and Commissioning in conjunction with Glencore Engineers.
  8. Redline mark-ups to be completed using AutoCAD software and approved by Glencore Engineers

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