ECA 2009 Bob Cooper Award

The Ergon Energy High Voltage Operator Training Facility was constructed within a nine month period from September 2008 to May 2009 at the Ergon Energy facility at Hartley Street, Garbutt in Townsville. Its primary purpose was to provide a training facility for Ergon employees to receive "Real World" training on all apparatus they may encounter installed on distribution systems throughout Queensland in a controlled safe environment. The switch yard itself is connected to the Ergon energy distribution system and is a registered asset of Ergon Energy.

ICS Electrical Contractors (then named M & D Tonner Electrical) was awarded the 2009 Bob Cooper Award for excellence for their performance in this project.

The Operator training facility provides a "Real World" representation of switch apparatus and distribution systems in a single location. This allows for training of all field operated equipment to be undertaken at a central training facility and to provide exposure to Ergon employees of all types of apparatus. The switchyard has designated areas for testing, Pole top rescue, overhead pole construction and "dressing". It incorporates an energy efficient step up transformer with remote "man down" safety equipment to ensure a safe working environment when the switchyard is energised.

Ergon HV Training Yard

ICS Electrical Contractors was responsible for all the earthworks, craneage, construction, landscaping and building erection on site. This also included the following responsibilities during the project, 

  1. Site clearing and preparation.
  2. Civil works, including leveling, survey and securing job site.
  3. Installation of all underground services.
  4. Installation of all overhead line equipment, lines, poles, switchgear and transformers.
  5. Quality assurance and commissioning in conjunction with Ergon Energy Engineers and relevant test departments.